The Significant Contribution of Oncotarget in the Science Arena

Over the years, the popularity of oncotarget has been on an upward trajectory. It is important to note that the journal publishes on a weekly basis. The access to the journal is open to all who are interested. After its establishment, the journal has been publishing various works based on oncology. The journal has been playing a very significant role in the furtherance of science and research. There are various reasons why the popularity of the journal has been rising. First and foremost, the journal has been in the forefront providing insightful peer review.The journal has also been consistent in publishing constructive and punctual peer review and hence making it a leader in cancer field. It is important to note that the journal was founded in the year 2015. Ever since it was founded, oncotarget has been accepting papers on diverse topics.

For instance, the journal has been open to accepting papers dealing with neurosciences. The journal is also known for accepting papers which are based on metabolism and cardiology. The main aim of oncotarget is to disseminate scientific results as fast as possible.The journal has also succeeded in giving certain works a lot of prominence. When a certain research has been given huge prominence, it becomes easier for it to attract financing. The journal has also succeeded in enhancing the impact that research has by providing a good platform for an insightful review.

Through the journal, it has now become possible for researchers to share their discoveries within a short period of time. In the past, there have been major borders between the various specialties.However, oncotarget has played a major role in ensuring that such borders do not exist anymore. The continued collaboration in the scientific field has made it possible for faster discoveries to be made. The leadership of the journal has played a very significant role with regards to helping the promotion of science. For instance, all scientists have an opportunity to publish their work for all to see. The ultimate goal of the journal is to have a world that is not affected by major illnesses.