The Contribution of Porfolio Sanchez Galindo to Televisa Group

Today, when a person mentions Televisa, no eyebrow will be lifted, nor jaws dropped because it is a household name. It is one of the leading firms in telecommunications in the Latin-speaking nations, distributing informative and entertaining content all across the United States and Mexico. That is not enough; the company has expended its services to more than 50 countries around the globe through pay-tv companies and television networks.

Milestones Achieved at Televisa Group

Before joining the group, he was the Financial Secretary’s advisor, though he was on the verge to depart for a lucrative position in at the World Bank. It is through the persuasion of the then Executive President of Grupo Televisa that he considered taking up a position in the company.

At such a juncture when Televisa is enjoying a significant market share and an increased demand for their products, the company couldn’t have found a better and opportune moment to be led by Porfolio Sanchez Galindo as the CEO. Ever since his assumption of the position, the company has achieved greatly. Therefore, it would be needless to say that the future holds many prospects for the accomplishment of higher heights.

During his tenure as the senior economic analyst at the firm, he made very transformative decision in the marketing and telecommunications divisions that have raised the profit margins of Televisa. One of the significant contributions he had was the launch of the YOO project. The motive behind this plan was to have a strategic marketing tool. Resultantly, Televisa was able to offer an all-inclusive package of television and internet at a fixed price to four renowned cable firms; Cablevision, Cablemas, Megacable and Cable Monterrey.

His initiative was warmly welcomed by his former employer, Gil Diaz, who termed the project as a leeway toward commercialization. His academic excellence enabled him to achieve success in various areas of his profession, including advertising and promotion, broadcasting, television, and other telecommunications industries.

Education Life

His personal achievements before joining Televisa have not been anything short of impressive. Sanchez Galindo attended Carnegie Mellon University, and during this while, he became involved with the Institute for Software Research. Additionally, he holds a BSc. Degree in Applied Mathematics from ITAM besides the fact that he underwent and a Stamford’s program in Executive Education Program.