The Business Mogul – David Osio

About REG



Davos Real Estate Group is among the independent companies that form the great Davos Financial Group, which is a global financial group that has led the Latin-American market for more than twenty years in offering the comprehensive financial advice.



Company objectives



The main objective is to formulate an investment strategy that addresses the needs and expectations of the clients, combining the products within a regulatory framework and the experience of a team licensed and specialized for the services offered.



For the last half of the year, the executive director, Gerald has been working collaboratively with the Tecknolution Company on the development and design of this tool, which will allow one to estimate the gains of the investment property, once all the expenses and costs associated with that particular property are taken into account. The application is developed on the newest technology platforms and is available for both the Android and iPhone devices. The original application is the foundation of a series of corresponding applications, which will have the ability to classify properties through the mobile device and send historical real estate reports to the respective agent through an interactive chat.



Advantages of the new application



Among the advantages of the new application is that it has a ‘mortgage Calculator’ to allow the clients the ability to estimate the mortgage based on the projections provided by the Bank, the associated rate of interest and the funding period.



Recently, The Real Estate Group has been refocused while working on the development of the Davos CAP Calculator application. The company has been initiating new partnerships with the real estate agents, giving room for expansion to Europe, Spain being the first stop.



The Leadership



David J. Osio is the chief executive officer and the founder of Davos Financial Group. He has guided the Company’s expansion and growth with his leadership and hands-on business skills. He has facilitated increases in the income levels of the company and also its geographical expansion to the global market through the establishment of affiliate offices in strategic cities like Lisbon, Miami, Panama City and New York.



Osio has put all his efforts into creating a financial services firm that offer customized services that meet the respective demands of the clients. Through his professionalism, he has helped the company in becoming a Financial Boutique, offering services through the licensed independent companies. Osio holds a degree in International Banking Law, from the Catholic University of Andres Bello, Venezuela.


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