Sawyer Howitt Brings New Dreams To Life At Meriwether Group

Project manager for Meriwether Group, Sawyer Howitt gets in on the ground floor with many new start-ups from consumable products to the latest advances in technology. For new entrepreneurs, Mr. Howitt is the key to realizing their dreams and, while there are other companies willing to give start-ups a boost, Meriwether Group provides a host of services that gives their entrepreneurs a 21st century edge.

The Style Map reveals that the Meriwether Group, under Sawyer’s direction, goes further than other similar companies by teaching their clients about the importance of brand building within the online community, in addition to teaching them about sourcing out manufacturing needs, expanding to other countries, and developing business to business networking.

While Meriwether Group is headquartered in Portland, Oregon, the firm also maintains offices in California. Centered in San Francisco, the office is poised to take advantage of the latest technologies to come out of Silicon Valley.

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Sawyer Howitt Supports Every Venture From Relaxation Beverages To 3D Printing
NORCAL News reports that Sawyer Howitt has his hand in many pots, supporting entrepreneurs from across multiple areas. One of the newest start-ups Howitt has brought to Meriwether Group comes from the field of relaxation beverages, not to be confused with the ever popular energy drink beverages. Instead, relaxation drinks typically incorporate amino acids, vitamins, and chamomile to give a soothing feeling and calm the nerves. Sawyer says this growing trend is perfect for first-time entrepreneurs, because there are few obstacles to success. See also

Another area in which Mr. Sawyer Howitt and Meriwether Group have shown interest is in the field of 3D printing. While this technology is still fairly new, it is growing in popularity and it may not be long before 3D printers are as common in American households as personal computers or smartphones.

Meriwether Group’s interests also span into the areas of naturally produced foods, social media gaming applications, gourmet street vending, and corporate wellness. In fact, there may not be anything Sawyer Howitt is unwilling to support with Meriwether Group’s resources.