Mike Baur’s Passion Raises Expectations for Entrepreneurs in Startup Business

After his tenure for 20 years in the banking industry, Swiss Start up Factory CEO Mike Baur decided it was time for a change.


Mike’s drive for business started at a very young age. Even as a teenager, Mike had a passion for business. His passion grew and eventually led him into the world of startups. Mike has a firm belief in people nurturing their passion for what they do in business and in their personal lives. This passion is extremely noticeable in how Mike conducts business.


In 2014, Mike successfully co-founded the Swiss Start Up factory and pioneered a three-month accelerator program for young entrepreneurs. The company provides opportunities to young startups with coaching, mentoring and financial support. The program also provides them with office space and access to an enormous entrepreneurial investor network.


Swiss Start up Factory, based in Zurich, has become the number one elite start-up company. Their goal focuses on building young companies that have the potential to become successful.


Swiss Start up Factory recruits thriving digital entrepreneurs who have a passion for success and winning. It’s unnecessary for those individuals to know the infrastructures needed to build their business. Mike, along with his team, provides exclusive support and mentoring. The company continues to leverage passion with skill and incorporates great leadership, for a winning strategy and their success.


A key to Mike’s innovative business success is within his execution. Mike believes that with a business idea alone entrepreneurs cannot become successful. Mike says that the number one challenges that his startup company has with young entrepreneurs is how to remain committed and not to give up. In the initial phase, Mike says that there can be an enormous amount of pressure to give up. Mike encourages those within the program with knowing how to deal with adversities.


Mike says, “Entrepreneurs should take undesirable feedback seriously, but be smart enough to find answers to challenges and step forward.” Mike believes in people going their own course in life and not flowing with a traditional way of doing business.


Mike’s passion is what led him to become one of the most successful start-up businessmen throughout Sweden. His success has been within identifying the passion of young entrepreneurs and aligning them with great resources that bring their goals into reality.


Mike Baur continues to raise the expectations for the startup industry and has become an asset to young businesses all across the Sweden.