Latest Podcast Survey Reveals Intense Upsurges in the Ways Consumers Respond to Advertised Products

Five major consumer brands recently took part in comprehensive surveys to find out the effect advertising has on how consumers respond to products when they are promoted on different platforms. It was the first study of its kind ever carried out about advertising using podcasts for five different service and product classifications. The aim of the research was to establish the pre-campaign and the post findings of product lift for podcast advertising, and what people were able to remember about the product. This was done towards the end of 2016 by PodcastOne Executive Chairman Norman Pattiz, and Edison Research the Vice President of Strategy Tom Webster who announced the results.



The overall results indicated podcast advertising had a substantial positive effect on people because majority could remember specific brands and the messages that appeared on the podcast. Many others also indicated the intention to purchase a product after seeing the podcast advertising. Of those who took part in the study, more than 60% said they could recall a particular grocery product in the post-campaign. This was 7% higher than in the pre-study. Those who showed awareness about a financial brand without any outside aid rose to 47% in from the pre-survey to the post-survey, and by 37% for a vehicle aftermarket category. A garden and lawn product was 24%.



In the post-survey, more than a third of the participants showed a favorable liking for an aftermarket product in automobiles which was 18% more in the pre-survey, but in the post-survey, only 22% showed a preference for using a garden or lawn product. This was 16% higher in the pre-survey. Knowledge about a particular advertising message for an aftermarket product in vehicles went up by 60% from the pre-survey to the post-survey, while a restaurant for casual diners got 76%. The survey was commissioned by Norman Pattiz who is a resourceful American investor in broadcasting. He is the CEO, and President of PodcastOne and radio networks Westwood One.



He now has investment interests in the Middle East where he hopes to build a competitive network of television dealing in noncommercial like the CNN. However, the license and operations of the system will be fully U.S. government owned. What he intends to achieve by the network is the dissemination of the policies of the U.S. government to the entire Arab world. He had had similar other ventures in the past when a small radio network he started became the largest syndicate in the U.S.A. He is also a board member of Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States.

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