Hussain Sajwani Looking Toward the Future

Hussain Sajwani is perhaps one of the most successful men in the Mideast. Having established himself through quick growth in the real estate industry, Sajwani is a pioneer of development and king of making a deal in the United Arab Emirates. His success stems from a solid education which he achieved from within the United States, allowing Sajwani to take all that he would learn from capitalism and apply it towards his hard driven success in the Mideast. His story is one that is truly inspiring and serves to drive businessmen for years to come.


Early Education in the United States

Sajwani originally attended the university of Washington. It is there where he would earn his bachelors degree in economics. Studying economics in the United States meant that Sajwani was able to learn about capitalism and learn how to deal in the west in striking deals and creating valued deals. His time spent there would much later allow him to create ground breaking deals with the now President of the United States, Donald Trump.


Further Success With His Personal Companies

Sajwani would find the most success with his individual startup companies. Perhaps his most famous success story is that of Damac. Now a real estate maturation company that has developed hugely affluent properties in the Mideast, Damac started as a catering company that provided services to businesses to allow them to grow and become even more prosperous in their daily ventures.


Damac would go on to become one of the most valuable companies in the Mideast at present holding a value at an estimated $4 billion dollars. Damac is extremely important in the success of Sajwani’s career and continues to be a driving force in allowing Sajwani to accomplish larger projects that he couldn’t have done without the capital.


Sajwani is one of the most influential businessmen in all of Dubai. His net worth has since sky rocketed to a whopping $3 billion dollars, making him perhaps the most successful man in the United Arab Emirates and one of the most well-known men on the planet. His thrive to develop, and strike deals have allowed him to drive Dubai into the future of the world.

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