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Madison Street Capital Announced as Winner of the 16th Annual M&A Advisor Awards

Madison Street Capital is a worldwide investment banking company based in Chicago, United States. For the company, they have always worked hard towards the provision of excellence, integrity, service, and leadership to make the world a better place to live. This is the reason why Madison Street Capital is among the best in the industry. Madison Street Capital is also recognized as a leader in the deliverance of corporate financial service delivery solutions in the industry. Madison Street Capital has also set the trend in the industry for delivering their solutions within a short time after the transaction is commenced. Learn more:


Madison Street Capital also understands that time is of the essence when it comes to financial transactions. For this reason, they are always working towards ensuring they deliver every transaction tenaciously. Madison Street Capital has adopted a special business approach that creates a forum where everyone benefits in the business transactions from the investors to the business owners. The mutual benefit also creates an innovative structure that attracts more clients to the company. This action is showcased because the company has a rich base of experience, knowledge, and relationships that match sellers and buyers. Madison Street Capital also works towards developing a new arena that develops capitalization and corporate financing solutions to each of their clients in a unique manner.


Madison Street Capital applies a sophisticated business methodology that reflects their experience and expertise in areas concerning mergers and acquisition, corporate finance, market pricing and due diligence, valuation services, specialized financing solutions, and the implementation of the alternative exit structures. For many years now, Madison Street Capital reputation has assisted most of their clients to reach their business goals through the provision of alternative sources of finance for business continuity. The company’s understanding and experience in areas such as corporate governance and corporate finance are why they are the leading provider of solution strategies.


Madison Street Capital has also been announced as the winning partner during the Annual M&A Advisor Awards in 2017. Madison Street Capital was also named as the Debt Financing Deal Winner for the award because of their WLR Automotive transaction they completed at the beginning of the year. According to Madison Street Capital, they have honored the leading M&A companies, transactions, and dealmakers. This is the reason why they were selected from more than 650 participating companies in the industry. Madison Street Capital also represents the best in this industry due to their capability to showcase great business solutions for other companies.

Honey Birdette Launches New York Lingerie

The New York Collection of lingerie has launched, showing men and women alike a new side of Honey Birdette. Australia’s first sensuality boutique has done it again, offering a line of lingerie that is both sultry and high-class.

A video campaign of the New York Collection is the best way to view the various lines. Black satin, red and white lace and more paint beautiful models who take to the city. Skyscrapers and taxi cabs are found throughout the video, showcasing NYC to the fullest.

Suspender sets are one of the major aspects of the collection. These are seductive belts that are worn over the panties and include straps that hold up thigh highs. It’s a sultry way for women to dress when they want to turn up the heat in the bedroom. The sets are found in many of the lines of the collection, including Brittney and Miss D.

Honey Birdette went live in 2006 to ensure the people of Australia had access to toys, lingerie, fashion fetish and many other items. Sensuality in the bedroom was lost and the brand managed to deliver in a high-class, affordable way.

Over the years, Honey Birdette has become synonymous with high-class sensual toys and lingerie. Their Facebook page has been filled with peeks of the New York Collection. There’s also been a significant amount of excitement from customers who can’t wait to get their hands on lacy bralettes and risque bras that feature silver hooks, collars, and more for a dominatrix-style appearance.

It seems as though the launch of the New York lingerie is a win for Honey Birdette. Plus, the video is a great way to view the entire line in action.

Find more about Honey Birdette on Instagram and YouTube.

Squaw Valley’s Abundance of Caution for Upper Mountain Water Systems

Squaw Valley Ski Holdings responded to reports of E. coli and coliform found in the Upper Mountain water system on November 8, 2016, updating the public on the steps that have been taken toward resolving the problem.


Squaw Valley’s routine testing that prompted the discovery, which was reported to Placer County Department of Water Quality that day. It was later determined that unusually heavy rainstorms affected an upgraded water system at High Camp and Gold Coast, flooding it. As a result, the water was contaminated. However, it is important to note that the issue was limited to this water system only, and, the contaminated water never reached the public.


Since its discovery, Upper Mountain has been regularly treated and monitored carefully. According to Squaw Valley, three of four wells in Upper Mountain currently show low levels of coliform, but the presence of E. coli is no longer detected. Water usage will remain limited at High Camp and Gold Coast until independent water safety experts as well as public health officials have declared the water safe again. As a cautious measure, restaurants remain closed and skiers cannot drink the water.


Squaw Valley continues to diligently work restoring the water supply to normal in collaboration with Placer County Environmental Health and Squaw Valley Public Service District in order to ensure the safety of their guests. While the problem is being resolved, guests will still have full access to their facilities. Squaw Valley is providing free bottled water to their guests while remediation efforts are underway.