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Water Squaw And Their Quality of Drinking Water

Squaw Valley has issued a statement in response to news that coliform and E. coli bacteria were detected in drinking water in Upper Mountain at Squaw Valley. The potential issue was first reported on Nov. 8 since then water has been treated consistently and showing improvement. While restaurants are still closed, and skiers aren’t allowed to drink water till that reported issue resolved completely, no issues reported yet, and skiing is allowed to continue safely.



Here are few facts about the quality of water for drinking purpose at the upper mountain of Squaw Valley. In October heavy rain storm affected numerous water systems at Placer County. At Squaw Valley, unusual event of weather led to a flood of an advanced water system installed over the summer at Gold Coast and High Camp, resulting in an impurity of such system. That issue was limited to that system and none of the other water systems affected. At no point, contaminated water should be available to the citizens or the common public.



After routine testing that has detected such an issue they instantly contacted the Squaw Valley Public Service District and the Placer County Environmental Health. They also moved immediately to refer to other leading water safety professionals. With their assistance, citizens have taken steps to address that water contamination issue and will continue to do so until the water in a system has returned to average levels. They won’t return to their regular water usage at Gold Coast or High Camp until they are assured by health officers and numerous another professional that the water that is in Squaw Valley is safe.



The safety of customers is paramount to them. Squaw Valley takes this issue seriously, as they do all safety issues at their resort. While that issue resolved, guests at Gold Coast and High Camp will have full and normal access to their facilities, together with free bottled water for drinking. They will update their guests when the professional confirms that such issue has resolved completely. So, you won’t have to worry about the water quality because they care very much for their customers.