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The Success of Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos is a member of the DeVos family, a prominent and well known family that is currently residing in West Michigan and that is known for not only the family owned business that is known as Amway Corporation, but is also known for the family’s constant generosity to organizations as well as foundations across the United States. Dick DeVos is a member of this family and has worked hard to not only maintain the well respected legacy of the DeVos name, but has also worked hard to expand the name and to grow the meaning as to what it means to be a member of the family.


Dick DeVos, like his father, loves business and has worked his entire life to grow businesses. Dick DeVos had the luck of watching the family business grow at an exponential rate from a business that was based in the basement of the family home to a booming business that is integrated within many different countries that has also attracted millions of loyal customers to enjoy the products that are produced. Dick DeVos decided from an early age that he was to follow in his father’s footsteps and grow the name of DeVos. With numerous connections and a great business which includes excellent customer service, this goal has already been accomplished.


Dick DeVos always knew that he wanted to be involved in the world of business. Dick DeVos did not begin to officially contribute to the family company until he had shown his dedication to hard work and towards earning knowledge. Dick DeVos became an official member of Amway Corporation when he earned his degree in economics. After joining the company, Dick DeVos sought out to build on the greatness that his father had already created. In present day, Dick DeVos has over four decades of experience with business.


Dick DeVos is not only a businessman, but is also a well respected philanthropist who has donated millions of dollars to worthy charities with the end goal of improving communities across the United States. Dick DeVos is especially involved in philanthropic activities that involve education. Dick DeVos believes that the key to economic growth is to improve the education system and to build economic capital. Dick DeVos, along with his family members, believe that human capital and the accumulation of knowledge are the best ways to improve the lives all over the world in the long run.


Eric Lefkofsky Move to Modernize Cancer Treatment at Tempus

Eric Lefkofsky is the founder and CEO of Groupon which is an American global online marketplace, where people connect with merchants providing different goods and services. Eric Lefkofsky is based in Chicago and being philanthropic; he has contributed millions of dollars to assist in cancer researching. He has also planned to invest more targeting to get a cancer cure, and in this case, he started Tempus. Tempus is a heath-tech startup that is building infrastructure that will help cure cancer in a modernized way.

On dropping his role as a CEO at Groupon, Eric Lefkofsky began working on Tempus Health Inc. as the president. COO Rich Williams who was a former CEO replaced him in November 2015.  According to Tempus’ website, doctors, and other medical practitioners are being assisted in making immediate, personalized as well as data-driven decisions when treating patients. They are doing this by examining patient’s genetic codes from molecular therapies provided, and it helps them understand patient’s tumor in a better manner as well.

Tempus is using modernized infrastructure to collect and examine the genomic data of a patient which helps the doctors to give personalized medicines to patients. The data that Tempus is collecting about a patient is what the physicians use to come up with an effective personalized plan to treat each patient. So far they are helping patients suffering from lung, breast as well as pancreatic cancer and expects to be able to cater for more types of cancer in time.

Eric Lefkofsky ( together with his wife has been contributing towards research on cancer cause through the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. Through the foundation, they donated $1 million towards Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University, $500,000 towards research on gastric cancer at Stanford University, $1.2 million for a cancer research in the University of Michigan and $250,000 towards research on a medicine regarding breast cancer.

Apart from giving donations, Lefkofsky is a trustee at Lurie Children’s Hospital based in Chicago. He also joined The Giving Pledge in 2013 and promised to give half of their wealth towards philanthropic activities. In his blog post relating to Tempus (though he didn’t mention it), he said that having big data and artificial intelligence is good motive to take the society to the next level. He added that the best infrastructure is certainly in the healthcare and large databases of molecular data are available to ease the treatment plan. He talked and described the trend of applications that are scientifically applied in the health sector.

Lefkofsky is a renowned entrepreneur in Chicago and has founded several other companies including Echo Global Logistics, Mediaocean as well as InnerWorkings. Visit his page on Facebook.