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Cotemar, A Company Driven By Excellence

Recently, more and more companies have been trying to make the change to more environment-friendly options, especially regarding tasks that involve the petrochemical and energy industries. Cotemar is one company that has decided to take the right route and make their activities more environment-friendly. The company is one of the leading oilfield companies in Mexico and prides itself in their Mexican heritage. They offer their services in some areas dealing with petrochemicals and fuel extraction processes.


Cotemar knows that its activities could affect the environment, and thus, the entire company works on the premise of only adopting environment-friendly techniques in all its undertakings. By using advanced green technology, Cotemar has managed to give back to the environment while making the most efficient use of earth’s resources.


The company is known for its incredibly strong belief system that it stands by. The company believes in implementing some of the best standards for their employees as well as what they offer their clients. Cotemar aimed to make their mark on the Mexican oil industry, but have now surpassed their expectations to become one of the leading oil companies in North America. Cotemar also regularly implements new innovative work techniques to improve the overall efficiency of its employees as well as the enterprise as a whole.


Cotemar is also known for its implementation of some of the highest tech innovations in the oil industry. They have one of the largest fleets of ships which they deploy for their services. Their ships pass quality tests and are certified as some of the safest boats in the industry. The company aims to stand by the high safety standards that they have implemented and are always working towards creating more reliable and work friendly environment for its employees. Also, the company has unique resources and ships to help its workers which may be faced with natural calamities while working on the field. Owing to their immense dedication to the safety of their employees on the field, each of their employees is tracked using the latest GPS tracking technology to safeguard and provide information in the case where their employees go missing at sea.


Countless employees over the years have given Cotemar the acclaim it deserves as a company which offers its employees the best facilities regarding work environment and safety. Colmar aims to continue to serve the community by providing them with an efficient source of fuel while opening up a large pool of jobs to the Mexican populace.

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