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Geoff Cone Explains Tax-Free Living

Tax-free living is something that many people can only dream of and something that people often work toward but may never be able to reach because of different situations. Geoffrey Cone knows that it is a possibility because it is something that he specializes in and something that he feels is a good idea for different people to be able to do different things.

When it comes to tax-free living, some people think that it can be done in New Zealand. There are many rumors that the country is a tax haven, but it is not. It is somewhere that has average taxes and can even tend to lean toward the higher side of average taxes for residents of the country. It is important to note that there is no way that New Zealand has ever been a tax haven and it is unlikely that it will ever be a tax haven.

There are many countries that are tax havens, though. These countries have different qualities to them and they are able to help many people who are planning to make a move and who have a lot of money. Tax havens are countries that do not require residents to pay a lot of taxes or do not require residents to pay any taxes at all when they live and work in the country.

Geoff Cone, as a global attorney, knows what a good tax haven looks like. He has helped compile the list of tax havens and often adds to the list when he finds another country that has low taxes. It can be hard to recognize that tax-free living is a possibility, but Geoff Cone is confident that he can help people understand the way to do it right. He knows that there are different things people can do to make their tax-free life a possibility and even better than what others have to offer in the different countries.

With the confidence that Geoff Cone has in tax-free countries, it is no wonder that he lives in one himself. He came from New Zealand and moved to one of these countries. He is living proof that New Zealand is not tax-free and it is not a tax haven. He lived in the country for many years and considers it his home, but it was simply not feasible for him to continue living there and paying the high taxes that the country required.

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Labaton Sucharow’s SEC Whistleblower Program Sees $17 Million Awarded to its Whistleblowing Client

Labaton Sucharow was the first law firm to establish the SEC Whistleblower program. SEC in full is Securities and Exchange Commission. It was announced that a client represented by Labaton received an award of over $17 million from the SEC for exposing significant wrongdoing in the financial services industry.

The SEC Whistleblowing program is almost six years old, and the $17 million received by Labaton’s client represents the second largest award received from the SEC program. The SEC program allows legitimate whistleblowers to get a sum of between 10-30% of the total monetary sanctions collected in an enforcement action.

The SEC protects its whistleblowers against retaliation and blacklisting by maintaining anonymity as well as not disclosing specific cases, which the whistleblowers provided information to avoid indirect revealing of identity.

SEC whistleblower advocate, Jordan A Thomas, claimed that his client morally obliged to blow the whistle unlike the others in the financial industry. He added that the SEC whistleblowing program protects the investors. Jordan, the SEC whistleblower lawyer, insisted that this was just the beginning and that the SEC will count on brave whistleblowers on most significant cases in the coming years.

Jordan, the SEC whistleblower legal representative, was also involved in the representation of an officer who received a whistleblowing award.

The unique protection and incentives offered by the program not only enables eligible whistleblowers to report violations of the federal securities laws anonymously but provides an opportunity to earn substantial monetary awards as well as employment protection. Investors are protected by a replenishing Investor Protection Fund (IPF) put in place by the Congress. The IPF currently has a balance of over $400 million.

About Labaton Sucharow’s SEC Whistleblower Program

Labaton Sucharow’s SEC Whistleblower Program was founded over 50 years ago and is focused exclusively on protecting and advocating for “whistleblowers” who are individuals who report violations of the securities laws. Whistleblowing on breaches of the federal securities laws leverages SEC’s expertise, resources, and experience to deliver excellent results to clients.

Labaton is ranked among the top plaintiff litigation firms and comprehensively represents institutional investors, consumers, and business in complex securities litigation. The whistleblower program consists of an excellent team of investigators, forensic accountants as well as financial analysts to provide representation to whistleblowers. For more information visit