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The Revitalisation of Kabbalah

Kabbalah is a Jewish interpretation of the Bible. It was popular in the Middle Ages but lost its following until recently. This interpretation is so ancient that more traditional practices of Judaism neglected teaching it because it was thought to be complex and was commonly misunderstood. However, in more recent years the teaching and learning of Kabbalah has increased in popularity due to a greater understanding and the ability to translate the ciphers that the interpretations were transmitted into.

One example of the many of those working on understanding a teaching Kabbalah are Philip and Karen Berg founders of the non-profit organization called The Kabbalah Centre International. The organization began in 1965 and was named The National Research Institute of Kabbalah, but since then it has been re-established and renamed. The couple strive to gives those who are willing to learn Kabbalah access to all the information they will need. Lessons in Kabbalah are taught online through their website and around the world in the numerous city-based centers. There are over forty branches around the world. The Centre hires people with many different ethnic backgrounds to help spread knowledge and understanding of Kabbalah.

Both Philip and Karen Berg agreed that having a solid foundation was crucial for learned the more advanced information that Kabbalah has to offer. Even though it might help learners to have a background in Judaism, it is not a prerequisite to grasp Kabbalah. After mastering the basics students will then begin lessons on the concept of Klippot. This is where the teachers at the Kabbalah Centre spend most of their time. Klippot is a belief that every human has a connection to the Light, which is the Kabbalistic version of God, but it is naturally restricted. To open the channel between the Light and themselves students at the Kabbalah Centre can meditate in groups or on their own.