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Global Investor Relations Executive Gareth Henry

Due to his many years of experience as a skilled global relations professional in the investment industry, Gareth Henry was chosen to be the Global Managing Head of Investor Relations for the firm Angelo, Gordon and Co., an independently owned hedge fund company that was founded in 1988, and has its headquarters in New York. The business, which is focused on investing in real estate and equity, and in credit management, brought Gareth Henry in because of his proven track record of meeting the needs of clients all over the world. Prior to joining Angelo, Gordon and Co. in 2016, he worked in global relations positions at companies like Fortress Investment Group in both their US and London offices, and he was a Director at another money management firm called Schroders.

Gareth Henry attended Heriot-Watt University between 1997 and 2001 and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics, graduating with honors. After college, he worked as a Management Researcher at Watson Wyatt before moving into top investment positions at a number of other companies. When asked about his success as a global executive in the financial industry, he said he feels that client services is a critical part of being able to achieve goals as an international real estate investment manager. He expressed the importance of always being attentive to the individual needs of customers.

While employed at Angelo, Gordon and Co. from January 2016 to February 2018, Gareth Henry helped the company manage around $28 billion in credit, real estate and private equity investments for clients all over the world. The company not only operates in New York, but it also has offices in Europe and Asia, as well as other areas of the U.S. In addition to graduating from Heriot-Watt University, the seasoned global relations executive is also a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries, an advanced institute of higher learning that is based on an applicant’s prior educational accomplishments and work experience that he attended in 2004 in the UK, and a Fellow of Society of Actuaries, which he became a part of in 2007 in the U.S.

Private Equity Investor Wes Edens

Since Fortress Investment Group came into existence in 1998, the company has been the benchmark in the industry. Fortress Investment Groups started as a private equity organization. In 2007, the company was the first large-scale equity company to get public on the New York Stock Exchange which was a clear evidence that the organization is a trendsetter. Fortress Group is a differentiated universal investment management institution that controls assets worth more than $43 billion for 1,750 and above investors in permanent capital vehicles, hedge funds, and private equity. The organization has a solid strategy of ‘strong risk-adjusted returns’ over a long term for investors. The company has its main offices in New York and has more than 900 workers. The major principals of the organization include Randal Nardone, Wes Edens, and Peter Briger. The major areas of specialization of the company include:

  • Capital markets
  • Operations management
  • Asset-based investing
  • Corporate mergers and acquisition
  • Sector-specific knowledge of institutions and organizations

The company’s asset-based investments are made through credit funds and private equity. These investments involve a wider diversity of assets such as capital, financial vehicles, and real estate that generate long-term cash flow. The company prides in estimating strategic, structural, and operational ‘facts on the ground’ when it comes to managing portfolios. In addition to this, the company has a vast experience in handling mergers and acquisitions. The company team understands well and have great friendships with a broad range of corporate stakeholders, management professional, corporate board member which has contributed to the excellent experiences. Moreover, all the employees of the company have world-class knowledge of the industry.

Wes Edens is one of the founding fathers and the current principal of Fortress. Edens is the private equity chief investment officer of the company. He invests in several industries such as real estate, transportation, infrastructure, real estate, financial services, and media. Before founding Fortress, Wes worked at BlackRock Financial Management, Inc. as a partner as well as the managing director. In addition to this, Wes Edens was Lehman Brothers managing director. Besides finance, Wes Edens is a fan of sports. With his partner, Nassef Sawiris the two are planning on how to buy Aston Villa Club.

Tim Armour: Warren Buffett Doesn’t Have it All Figured Out

Billionaire investor Warren Buffett has issued a challenge to is fellow investors: the person who can make the most returns from an investment will get $1 million to the charity of their choice. In keeping with his style, Buffett plans to stick to the S&P 500 passive index. That’s something fellow investor Tim Armour took issue with in a recent op-ed.While Armour doesn’t dispute Buffett’s success with passive funds, he claims it’s not a helpful model for the retirees that turn to him for advice. For Armour, passive index funds are in no way more safe tan active funds, they’re just more prosperous in this unusually long bull market.

This, Tim Armour argues, makes for a false sense of security that isn’t helpful when a bear market is upon investors and returns are small.Armour concedes that there is no way to guarantee an investment will pan out, but he argues that focusing on two elements can lead to stronger returns: management fees and the best manager investment. At his firm, Armour picks funds based on the amount in fees the investor is expected to pay, the lower the better. the second criteria depends on how much the manager of that fund is financially invested. Armour has found that a manager that is invested in their own fund generate confidence and in turn helps the fund grow.By sticking to these principles, Armour’s firm have averaged 1.47% higher than index benchmarks after fund expenses were paid for.

About Tim Armour:

Timothy D. Armour is an American investor from Los Angeles. After graduating from Middlebury College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, he joined the Associates Program at Capital Group Companies.Armour has spent more than three decades working in finance and investment with Capital Group. The experience acquired with Capital Group made him an ideal fit for Chairman and Principal Executive Officer of Capital Research and Management Company. Armour also serves as Chairman of Capital Group Companies Management Committee.


U.S. Money Reserve helps investors diversify into safest assets available

Over the last 30 years, and U.S. financial system has been rocked by a series of booms and busts, each of which has left the economy in seemingly worse shape than the last. In 2008, the financial system underwent the worst crash since the 1920s. Many people do not fully appreciate how close the entire U.S. financial system came to completely imploding on itself. Without the massive bailouts, authorized by Washington, it is very likely that the entire U.S. banking system would have collapsed, causing nearly everyone in the country to lose all of their savings and setting off a financial catastrophe, the likes of which had never been seen.


That this catastrophe was staved off is not an indication that the risk of a repeat has diminished or that the average U.S. citizen is safe from a potential future catastrophic development in the U.S. markets. Historically, the safest asset class in which to hold access investment capital has been precious metals, particularly gold, silver and platinum.


Today, it is possible to purchase these metals in the form of coins. U.S. Money Reserve is a leading dealer of precious-metal-based coinage in the United States. Through its state-of-the-art web interface, U.S. Money Reserve has created a means to purchase as little or as many precious coins as one desires, with the ease and efficiency you would expect with purchasing something off of Amazon or eBay. Purchasing gold coins, through the use of U.S. Money Reserve’s website, is one of the easiest investment experiences a client will ever have.


But U.S. Money Reserve has not just built its gigantic business on the basis of making the purchase of gold coins simple. It has a staff of world-renowned experts including in retirement planning, macroeconomics, financial analysis and currency markets. One of the areas in which U.S. Money Reserve delivers outstanding value to its customers is through the use of individual retirement experts, who are on staff to interact with customers in defining the retirement goals and setting up the accounts and financial vehicles that will be most likely to allow them to reach those goals.


Creating its state-of-the-art web-based customer interface, U.S. Money Reserve has created a system that allows customers to set up what are known as Self Directed Individual Retirement Accounts. These are a form of retirement account that allows for significant allocation of the account to be precious metals or coins. This means that customers are able to enjoy all of the tax advantages and other favored treatments of traditional individual retirement accounts, but it also allows the flexibility to choose the assets that the customer deems will most likely be able to fulfill their retirement goals.


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Title Defects No Longer a Challenge- Nationwide Title Clearing Has a Solution

The revamped Nationwide Title Clearing’s website has come up as a major relieve to property buyers and sellers. The firm revamped its website to respond to the growing demand for online ordering services. After several calls regarding issues on title defects, the firm has now made property reports online. For years, title defects have been the major concern in the real estate industry.


Title defects cause unnecessary foreclosures and stagnation of a process that could otherwise be smooth. Developing the online system will mean that title conveyance will be done easily at a reduced risk of buyback and foreclosures will be eliminated. The leading provider of research and document processing services for the financial and mortgage industry, NTC, believes that property records have the potential of ensuring a smooth transition.


Title defects are common in events whereby an individual or an entity claims that the property is owned by somebody else. The defects are caused by issues such as wording errors that don’t comply with real estate standards and failure to include a crucial signatory. Moreover, issues concerned with prior liens and failure to follow all filing procedures are major concerns in the real estate industry.


Nationwide Title Clearing believes that addressing title defects before transferring the property is essential. The online services available at the firm’s website include tax status reports, current owner report and assignment verification reports. These services ensure that the client can secure property reports in a quick step-by-step process.


NTC obtains the data from various sources including the counties. The process includes automation and human verification, a practice that has earned NTC the ability to competently service some of United States largest lenders. Full understanding of the end client needs has been the primary factor driving the exemplary success at Nationwide Title Clearing.


About Nationwide Title Clearing


Nationwide Title Clearing is an award winning post closing service provider for the residential mortgage and financial industry. The Palm Harbor based firm was founded in 1991 and has since then grown to become the leading and most trusted company in the real estate sector. The company’s mission is to ensure that homeowners are protected through the provision of high quality and accurate research and document processing.


NTC services mortgage lenders, investors and servicers, including eight of the 10 largest mortgage service providers in the U.S. The firm specializes in providing property report, land record records, final document tracking, liens release services and other custom business services.