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Thousands Shun Shampoo Lather And Enjoy Better Hair With WEN

Cleansing conditioners have changed the way women around the world wash and care for their hair. For most of us, the first time we try a cleansing conditioner in the shower, we immediately note several differences. There is no foaming action, and that is the most prominent feature of the no lather shampoo.

If you can disregard the non-sudsy formula, then you will come to appreciate how cleansing conditioners behave with extreme effectiveness, creating volume, smoothness. shine and manageability. The secret is in the ingredient list, and one brand has developed its amazing formulas through nature.

WEN By Chaz is considered to be the Rolls Royce of all the cleansing conditioners out there, and it’s simple to see why.

Famous Hollywood stylist Chaz Dean was one of the first to develop the no lather shampoo system. He was frustrated watching everyone use shampoos and conditioners laden with chemicals called sulfates. These are the same agents found in our dishwashing liquids, laundry detergents, etc.

Chaz Dean knew that shampoos with major suds were just that, a lot of lather. These formulas were actually stripping everyone’s hair of their precious oils, robbing tresses of their shine and weakening the hair shaft.

Chaz Dean used an holistic approach with incredible botanical, herbal and fruit extracts to develop his popular WEN By Chaz cleansing conditioners. He added healthy stuff like lavender, tea tree oil, pomegranate and more to give strength, body and shine back to all hair types.

His one bottle formulas perform multiple actions like cleansing, conditioning, de-tangling, deep conditioning and leave in conditioning. Hair is so soft and touchable after just one wash. Chaz Dean’s loyal celebrity clientele love the brand, and that’s what is called, “Hollywood hair.”

When using these rich, soothing formulas, you will notice benefits for the scalp and hair. Massaging in WEN’s cleansing conditioners is advised, and adding a lot of product is key when using a no lather shampoo. You will feel your hair almost double in volume, as you begin to rinse out the product. Hair just feels healthier and responds to nature’s formulas.

You can check out Chaz Dean in a great YouTube video, showing exactly how to use his world-famous cleansing conditioner. His formulas are so luxurious, there are zero tangles, as fingers glide through the hair.

Thousand of WEN fans have shunned the lather.

Will you join the WEN army?