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Wiki Pages Can Help to Promote

Wiki pages are pages that can be created by anyone and edited by anyone. They can be powerful tools for advertising. They can also be the exact opposite, which is why hiring well-trusted Wikipedia editors is very important. Marion Cotillard, actress in the recent movie Allied, has found herself in the midst of the divorce drama between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. People who have taken this rumor personally have edited her wiki page to reflect the rumors. They have changed her occupation to “cheat” or someone who broke up a power couple. If a professional was monitoring her page, then that could have been caught before many saw. Don’t let a negative news story ruin your reputation but in a busy world, wiki pages can be forgotten.

Professionals, like those at Get Your Wiki, can create and monitor those pages to ensure that they stay positive. These pages can be elaborate and help to promote anything. Online reputations can easily be tarnished and with the fast change of information online, it is important to make sure you control the information. Get Your Wiki can create, monitor, or even translate your page into any language. Whether you are an individual or business, you can benefit from the exposure of a wiki page. Professionals are needed to make sure you can profit from it they way you need to.

IAP Worldwide Acquires Two Business Units From DRS Technologies

IAP Worldwide has an innovative growth strategy. In November 2015, the company purchased two units from DRS Technologies, Inc. The acquired businesses were the Tactical Communications & Network Solutions Business (TCNS), and Aviation and Logistics business (A&L), which have their headquarters in Aberdeen Proving Ground and Oklahoma City respectively. A&L unit engages in aircraft repair management, mission support services and logistics. TCNS offers communication technology solutions to different agencies, including the U.S. Department of Defense.

Doug Kitani, the CEO of IAP Worldwide Services, said that the acquisition would increase the services offered by the company besides expanding its target market. The new business units would be amalgamated into one unit known as the Aviation and Engineering Solutions. They will enhance the operations of the existing National Security Program unit. Doug posited that the acquired firm that offers communication, aviation and networking technologies services was the best fit for the company. This is because it will help them expand their services across the US and to other international agencies.

The new acquisitions compliment the core businesses of IAP Worldwide Services. They were strategically acquired based on the organic growth, which was to be executed through lean operations, customer discipline and innovations in the major government services sectors. Kitani asserted that the decision to purchase the two business units was supported by investors and the board. It also reinforces IAP’s culture of providing excellent services to its government clients.

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About IAP Worldwide
IAP Worldwide is the leading provider of seasoned program management services. The company merges its capabilities to offer innovative, safe, and reliable solutions to the US and different international agencies and organizations. The company’s headquarters are located in Cape Canaveral.

IAP Worldwide has learnt how to deal with emerging challenges. Its services and solutions are tailor made to address the unique needs of the clients. It is for this reason that experts test these solutions. The company takes up their clients’ problems, own them and focus on delivering excellent results that exceed clients’ expectations. IAP Worldwide Services works under a set of rules, principles and values that have seen them consistently deliver on their mission, thus earning customers’ trust. IAP’s team of professionals is highly disciplined. When serving the people, they are guided by the virtues of integrity and humility. They provide inspirational leadership and engage every stakeholder for mutual success. In addition, the experts offer services swiftly and in a responsible manner. Their flexibility allows them to adapt and embrace change.

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