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Leadership Growth And Understanding How To Improve

Growing as a leader is essential to being successful. A strong leader understands the value of this growth and knows that by always pushing the limits to growth will only increase the business they function within. Smart leaders know that always learning how to improve their intellect in their chosen field will help them be stronger as well as allow the team they manage to function properly and effectively. Therefore, here are a few techniques to improve and grow as a leader, and additional ways to continue the growth in the future.

  • Interactions And Approach

Every team usually has a leader that is placed there for support. However, not all leaders understand that this support needs to be directed in a positive matter. Some leaders think that because they have a higher position, they can do whatever they want. This is highly improper. If you want to be a successful leader, then one of the first ways to grow and improve would be your approach and interactions with each of your team members. By introducing a strong but confident approach in a progressive manner, then you will improve as a leader. To top that off you will also improve the way your teams view how you are as a leader. This is important because by having a team that loves their leader will produce positive results for the company. Therefore, plan on how you can interact and approach your team with a helpful and constructive manner and your growth as a leader will only improve.

  • Encouragement

If you look at James River Capital Corporation, this business promotes an encouraging and resourceful business structure that many other companies can look up. With their highly successful management services, they share their experience on how they became successful and promoted a functioning team that loves each of their leaders. They are a great example of how leaders need constant and constructive growth in order to succeed. They show others that encouraging a team in an upbeat and positive manner, will ensure success and growth. Paul Saunders, the founder of James River Capital Corporation understood the formalities of being a successful leader and decided to share his knowledge with others so they can be successful too. He knew the power behind encouragement and with his company, he not only produces the results but loves to share them as well.

  • Your Teams Outlook

Another key element in being a successful leader and understanding how to improve would be to reevaluate how your team’s outlook functions. This means that by taking your knowledge as a leader, you have the ability to help and support your team on a completely new level. By allowing your team to have input and opinions on matters, allows them to see that you value their opinion and it allow allows you to see if they are comfortable with how you are as a leader. Making your team feel important will help your team progress in a strong and constructive fashion. This will help you improve as a leader and allow your team to be successful as well.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, improving your skills as a leader helps the company grow, and benefits you in more ways than just force. If you are in need of growing as a leader, look at James River Capital Corporation for additional insights on how to improve and grow. They have time and time proved how to be a successful leader, and to top that off they care about helping you grow. Therefore, go ahead and see what they can do to help you grow, and do not be afraid to increase your skills as a leader, you will not be disappointed in the results.

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The Need for Social Security Talks

The wall street journal wealth advisor columnist recently called upon the Nationwide Financial Distributors’ president, David Giertz to comment on the most avoided topic by most financial advisers. In most of the cases most of the financial advisers omit to speak about social security to their clients. In a study conducted 4 out of 5 of the surveyed people ascertained that they would switch their financial adviser if they failed to speak to them about the topic. David Giertz commented saying that many of the advisors failed to do so because social security is wide and involves a lot of rules that most of the advisors do not fully understand. Advisors need to consider this because it is an integral part of the retirement planning process since it could affect almost 40% of the retirement income.



David Giertz is a very experienced person in the financial industry. He began his career in 1988 and has worked in the industry for more than 30 years. He has successfully undertaken and passed four major exams namely; Municipal Securities principle, General securities principal examinations, general securities representative examination and uniform securities agent state law examination. He currently works as an advisor at Worldwide Investment Service Corporation alongside other advisors such as Daniel Hopler, Austin Mckey, Alex Cushing and jenna Augestein.



The FNRA licenced broker does brokerage jobs at the firm aside from advising on financial matters. Most of his brokerage activities revolve around the purchase and sale of securities in life insurance annuities and he is also a mutual fund underwriter. He joined Nationwide in 2013 and has been its sales and financial distribution vice-president ever since. He has also served in other nationwide companies as either a president or a senior vice president. The company is situated in Columbus, Ohio and it offers portfolio management for individual clients.