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Mixing Up Your Routine With Fabletics

If you’ve been wanting to get in better shape, but need a little extra boost, check out Fabletics. This award-winning athleisure line takes workout gear, gives it a twist of fashion, and a huge dose of versatility. It’s great for the gym, errands, and anywhere else you want to look great and feel comfortable. The brand is inclusive of all different body types, ages, and activity levels. Kids and men are also included with their own special lines of athleisure. Shoe fanatics are in for a treat, with exclusive collections that are stylish, fun, and best of all, affordable.


Fabletics selected Kate Hudson as an ambassador for Fabletics. She’s taken a small company and in just a few years, has turned it into a fashion powerhouse. The company, with revenues of over $250 million, is able to rival Amazon, which is quite a difficult task in the apparel industry. The company uses a unique blend of marketing techniques to showcase Fabletics. First, the monthly subscription plan gives members the benefit and convenience of getting new gear delivered to their doorstep each month. It’s a flexible plan, so you’re never stuck with anything, and you can also exchange or return items for credit.


The next unique component of Fabletics marketing is using the “reverse showroom” technique. This is a popular choice with a few higher-end retailers, including Apple. The majority of the sales process is completed online, however, the benefit of having a retail store to visit is there as well. This is great, as Fabletics is able to use data to determine exactly which products are popular in the demographical area. Keeping limited inventory on hand keeps costs down. It gives members and non-members a chance to preview and order items, and even buy select items in the store. This is a great option for those still “sitting on the fence.” The added benefit of being able to return and exchange in store, as well as, handle any customer service concerns in person also please customers.


It’s easy to see why Hudson is so passionate about the brand. Demi Lovato, a new Fabletics line- music star turned fashion designer- has also said she loves the company as it’s a great company for and by, women. Her new collection is also available online. It’s easy to get started looking and feeling your absolute best, without having to compromise quality or spending a fortune. To find out which Fabletics athleisure line is right for you, visit

Creating A Brand Of The People – Fabletics

As the clothing industry continues to grow, it is almost impossible to imagine that there used to be times when people could not just buy whatever they needed. An example is comfortable women’s sportswear for everyday activities. Up until 2013, one would not be able to find any seller in the market who would help them buy something to satisfy these needs.

Nevertheless, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg realized the lack of supply for these specific demands and created their own. Their company Fabletics was formed to provide women with a “fashion-forward athleisure brand”. A decision almost as prominent as the creation of the start-up is their selection for the brand leader, Kate Hudson.


The Brand Leader


With a successful acting career, Hudson has quite a fan base that she was able to bring to the brand and initiate the movement. Her active lifestyle also made her a perfect fit for the position. Although she does not have an exclusive business technical knowledge, Hudson was able to grow the brand to over a million active members as well as hundreds of millions in revenue.


Paying Attention to Customer’s Reviews


As Fabletics gained momentum that helped them reach profitability, a lot more than simple marketing was implemented. What differentiates them from their competitors is a business model that closely analyzes customer reviews. Crowd power leveraging has been the main reason for company’s rapid growth. This involves utilizing all the reviews that the business gets in order to improve the quality of their service. According to some research, as much as 84% of the market treats buyer’s reviews just as a referral from a close friend. There are dozens of other statics similar to that one, and they have been increased over the last couple of years significantly.


People are frequently reading the reviews of all the companies they might buy something from. This means that a positive trend can increase one’s sales significantly, while a negative one can be detrimental to the overall business. In regards to returning customers, the loyalty will highly depend on the current reviews. It has been proven that companies with good reviews enjoy high customer retention rates.


Hudson’s Involvement


Despite her short business portfolio, it is undeniable that Kate Hudson’s involvement is what helped the brand grow the way it did. She has several roles including some budgeting and planning, but her most relevant duty is the social media upkeep. As a part of the brand’s customer review tracking effort, the website and profiles on various social media platforms have to be examined daily. Hudson makes sure that the internet presence of the company is up to par.


Far-reaching dedication of the workers facilitated the creation of the “Lifestyle Quiz”. This evaluation is used by customers who are interested in purchasing clothes, and it helps the brand give them customized options that match their style. The test is free and can found on the company’s website, thus everyone should give it a try!