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Understanding DACA

DACA; or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals is an organization dedicated to providing undocumented children and even adults who arrived to the states before a specific timeframe, protection from deportation, an opportunity to get a social security number and work, as long as they meet certain prerequisites. Although it is only for a period of two years at a time, there is a renewal process that the applicant may go through to continue their support. Currently, due to the Trump administration, no new applicants are being accepted at this time however, renewals are still being passed through as long as the organizations funding lasts. Unfortunately, they are facing some backlash due to political figures petitioning to repeal the program. If this happens, it will result in the program discontinuing any new applicants and renewals, which will have an incredibly adverse affect on the youth population it has been assisting for the past several years. The group has sought to protect immigrant children by providing them access to drivers liscenses, tuition, and more. The Frontera Fund is committed to funding multiple non-profit, migrant organizations such as DACA. It was founded by Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin after their unconstitutional arrest and detention by Joe Arpaio, a man who referred to himself as “Americas Toughest Sherrif”. Thanks to his wrong doings though, a whopping 3.7 million dollars was awarded to a fund that Larkin described as “Couldn’t be more deserving.” Hopefully, the organization is able to continue doing what it was founded for, protecting innocent people from an unavoidable consequence for wanting a better life.