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Pittsburgh Steelers, Scoring Points In Fashion

Pittsburgh Steelers fans will be thanking Susan McGalla, the new Steelers director of strategic planning. Susan knows retail and knows it well. Before joining the Steelers organization, she was President of American Eagles Outfitters and CEO of Wet Seal. Therefore Susan McGalla has strong expertise in fashion, marketing, and the business world.

Since joining the Steelers, Susan McGalla is bringing her expertise and style to the team. She started by listening to the fans and what they want. In today’s day and age, it is easy to see what the fans want by turning to social media. Susan McGalla found in her search that many men want something they can wear to work, while woman want clothes that fit their form and make them feel feminine.

The new line of fashion has hit their website at in plenty of time for football season. Fans of all ages will find something to flatter them and show their support and pride for the team. The intent of the clothes is to be able to find items that can go to the street or be dressed up.

Feel free to visit the website and do some shopping yourself. Don’t forget to leave feedback on what you see and what you buy! As the Steelers know that the fans are the reason behind the sport! Source:

Marie Claire Takes A Peek At Fabletics And Their Success

Fabletics has been the perfect athleisure company because it started it all off. When Kate Hudson needed better clothes to wear out of the house every day, she decided that she could make sure that the clothes were made just for her. She started Fabletics because she wanted to make those clothes, and then she started to make those clothes ready through a subscription. The service helped women find good clothes, and now the women who want those clothes can buy them in stores.

Women who go with athleisure clothes from Fabletics can learn about them in Marie Claire, and there is a very good peek at why athleisure works. Athleisure can be worn anywhere by any woman, and it is the perfect kind of clothing for women who want to feel their best when they do not have time to get dressed. These women do not want to feel like they are doing too much work, and then they will figure how the clothes work as they change.
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They can change at the gym when they need to, and they can change the clothes when they are getting to the gym to work out. Fabletics has a lot of basic pieces, and women can move those pieces around to get the styles they need. They can wear something simple, and they can wear something that will go anywhere. They can wear sweaters with their workout clothes, or they can wear their athleisure tops or skirts with the tights and sports bras.

Fabletics is the perfect brand for any woman because she can get dressed easier than ever before. She can get ready at the gym in seconds, and she can change into something that will make her feel great when she goes to lunch or goes shopping. People do not have to go home to change, and they do not have to carry around clothes in hanging bags that are just too hard to deal with.