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Several Lessons that Rocketship Education Learned in its First Decade of Operation

Ranging as far east as Washington DC, all the way to several schools situated throughout California, Rocketship Education is a network of eighteen public charter schools known for its innovativeness in implementing technology in its classrooms. Every successful school, just like each and every one of Rocketship Education’s eighteen locations, relies on several strategies to propel its students ahead of those enrolled at other schools. Here are several reasons explaining why these public charter schools regularly perform better than those at most other schools.

Teachers are require to attend students’ homes at least once annually. Doing so helps tailor individualized educational plans to each student, rather than applying objective pedagogical methods to entire classrooms of young, influenceable students that might stray away from education if their needs aren’t met.

Charter schools, like Rocketship Education, rely on a combination of investor and government financing. Even though parents and community members are already deeply involved through their financial efforts, opinions should be solicited from investors and local citizens alike, even if they aren’t trained or educated in pedagogy. Rather than shooing way these opinions, Rocketship Education values them as deeply as everybody else’s.

Parents are asked for their feedback on a bimonthly basis, seeing as their children provide them with options and viewpoints that aren’t available to educators in classroom settings. They’re also asked to help interview applicants for positions as instructors, applying their unique values and experiences to hiring purveyors of unmatched learning experiences for students.

While most public schools, especially those in low-income areas, aren’t quality institutions, Rocketship Education takes pride in being a leading public school, encouraging students, parents, and family members to be proud about attending public facilities.

Rocketship Education was founded by Preston Smith, a longtime educator who today serves as the organization’s CEO. This network of charter schools is organized as a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization, meaning anything higher than reasonable salaries are donated to the communities each school is located in, or within its own operations, providing students with higher qualities of learning experiences than ever before. Rocketship’s locations consistently earn higher test scores than many local schools, made possible by several pillars the network of educational institutions has learned throughout its first ten years of operation.