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Ways That Cancer Treatment Centers of America Provide Integrated Supportive Care via WebMD

There are many effective and ingenious ways that Cancer Treatment Centers of America provide their integrated cancer treatments with supportive care now described online via WebMD. This informative webpage covers some of the support therapies that CTCA has developed to ensure healthier patients throughout their cancer treatments through this world known cancer treatment organization. As sometimes patients may notice undesirable symptoms from their recommended treatments, CTCA has developed more supportive measures that allows better tolerance of necessary treatments. Common side effects that can now be treated are nausea, vomiting, gastrointestinal issues, weakness and insomnia. Treating these common cancer treatment symptoms gives patients needed relief and lowers any frustrations or anxieties regarding treatment.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America constantly reevaluates their treatments to find better ways to deliver exceptionally powerful cancer treatments without initiating these unwanted adverse symptoms. Nausea and weakness typically arise when a patient is not fully rested, is eating poorly or becomes weak as their strength is depleted. Measures to reverse these symptoms are proving to be quite beneficial to many cancer patients. This superb cancer care center has skilled physical therapists, nursing staff, mental health therapists, dietitians and other supportive professionals ready to help with any cancer related symptom management.

The patients that elect to receive their cancer treatments from Cancer Treatment Centers of America appreciate this terrific integrated cancer care approach that dramatically reduces or halts any undesirable side effect including fatigue, nausea and gastrointestinal problems. Newer drugs, better nutrition, deeper sleep and manageable exercise routines all play an important role in every patient treated. In addition to these great therapies, CTCA also provides emotional and mental support through personal or family sessions or cancer survivor groups from the community. Patients need only to come to one large location to take full advantage of all that Cancer Treatment Centers of America can offer.

Cancer patients can also find ready assistance with insurance problems, day to day challenges and alternative therapies should a patient desire this. Aromatherapy has shown to provide better relaxation that decreases fears and anxieties. A phenomenal nursing team is there to provide caring support, effective supportive measures and important cancer care education. These professionals understand that cancer care is a complex group of many therapies and treatments. More patients are living lives that are full and enjoyable even during cancer treatments. Patients can rely on Cancer Treatment Centers of America for personalized care.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Reaches Out To Patients and Their Families

Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) is a long-time leader in the cancer treatment field. CTCA has hospitals located in Phoenix, AZ, Chicago, IL, Tulsa, OK, Atlanta, GA, and Philadelphia, PA. With their revolutionary treatment and cancer patient care, CTCA has made great strides in helping patients and families cope with this dread disease.

Each patient who is treated at CTCA receives their own personal plan of treatment and care. Cancer is involved with each patient in a different way so there needs to be a careful analysis of how each patient is affected. A thorough and extensive interview and physical is conducted and expert doctors who specialized in the brand of cancer or cancers are assigned to the patient.

CTCA uses an approach called Integrative Care which matches the more traditional treatments of surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, immunotherapy, and pain management with some of the more progressive treatment plans. These would include acupuncture, chiropractic, naturopathic medicine, hormone therapy, nutrition therapy, mind-body medicine, spiritual support, and survivorship support.

Patients need more help than just the medical portion of treatment. For example, over seventy percent of cancer patients suffer from malnutrition and chronic fatigue. They are also usually overwhelmed with stress, fear, and discomfort. They are entering into a realm of the unknown, and it can be a bit frightening.

Family members are also counseled in order to help them through their stressful times and so they can be more supportive of their loved ones who have cancer. With Cancer Treatment Centers of America, all of the treatment can be given under one roof so that the patient and his or her family don’t have to travel all over in order to receive differing treatments.

Over the years, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America have shown good results that are based on clinical studies and solid evidence. Patients and their families are in good hands with CTCA.

Eric Lefkofsky Move to Modernize Cancer Treatment at Tempus

Eric Lefkofsky is the founder and CEO of Groupon which is an American global online marketplace, where people connect with merchants providing different goods and services. Eric Lefkofsky is based in Chicago and being philanthropic; he has contributed millions of dollars to assist in cancer researching. He has also planned to invest more targeting to get a cancer cure, and in this case, he started Tempus. Tempus is a heath-tech startup that is building infrastructure that will help cure cancer in a modernized way.

On dropping his role as a CEO at Groupon, Eric Lefkofsky began working on Tempus Health Inc. as the president. COO Rich Williams who was a former CEO replaced him in November 2015.  According to Tempus’ website, doctors, and other medical practitioners are being assisted in making immediate, personalized as well as data-driven decisions when treating patients. They are doing this by examining patient’s genetic codes from molecular therapies provided, and it helps them understand patient’s tumor in a better manner as well.

Tempus is using modernized infrastructure to collect and examine the genomic data of a patient which helps the doctors to give personalized medicines to patients. The data that Tempus is collecting about a patient is what the physicians use to come up with an effective personalized plan to treat each patient. So far they are helping patients suffering from lung, breast as well as pancreatic cancer and expects to be able to cater for more types of cancer in time.

Eric Lefkofsky ( together with his wife has been contributing towards research on cancer cause through the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. Through the foundation, they donated $1 million towards Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University, $500,000 towards research on gastric cancer at Stanford University, $1.2 million for a cancer research in the University of Michigan and $250,000 towards research on a medicine regarding breast cancer.

Apart from giving donations, Lefkofsky is a trustee at Lurie Children’s Hospital based in Chicago. He also joined The Giving Pledge in 2013 and promised to give half of their wealth towards philanthropic activities. In his blog post relating to Tempus (though he didn’t mention it), he said that having big data and artificial intelligence is good motive to take the society to the next level. He added that the best infrastructure is certainly in the healthcare and large databases of molecular data are available to ease the treatment plan. He talked and described the trend of applications that are scientifically applied in the health sector.

Lefkofsky is a renowned entrepreneur in Chicago and has founded several other companies including Echo Global Logistics, Mediaocean as well as InnerWorkings. Visit his page on Facebook.