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Get to Know Bruno Fagali

Fagali is a lawyer and corporate integrity manager at his firm “Fagali Lawyers.” He obtained his undergraduate degree in 2009 in administrative law. With his spirit to gain more knowledge as possible he worked hard and made it through and his masters by the faculty of law USP. Bruno deals partly with areas of anti-corruption, but he is primarily specializing in three categories the federal civic actions, regulatory law and administrative contracts.

In Brazil, Sao Paulo Bruno Fagali owns a personal office where he works there as a corporate integrity manager. Bruno is a man with passion in career dream job and as firm owner. He strives very hard to makes everything straight in his firm. His business deals with advertising company; it categorizes itself as a public interest communication. Fagali is gifted with a great personality, and due to this aspect, he has been offered plenty of opportunities including given a chance to be the member of corporate and ethics community, law procurement and even attending the congress and seminars in Brazil.

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Domestic violence, family law, and Consumer Law were the aspects Bruno was dealing with before 2007. Still, in the year 2007, he made a critical remark that left many people happy about the judgment of the advisory public law contract. The following year he took a perfect move in specializing in administrative and regulatory law.

It’s incredible how Bruno Fagali can speak and write up to four different languages which include English. French, Portuguese and Spanish. Bruno is a hardworking individual who values his career as a lawyer.

Surely, Bruno Fagali is truly an icon to reckon.