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Ace This Fantasy Season with DRAFT

It’s not too late to get in on Fantasy Football for the year. You can find detailed stats and analysis of players on Twitter and sites like to make sure you’re ready to draft a stellar team. Promo codes are still available for many of the platforms like Draftkings and Fanduel to get in on some big money games.

Fantasy football is a lot of fun because it allows you to put together a team of waht you consider winners and follow them each week. Play against strangers or with your good friends, either way it’s going to be a great season. offers an easy way to play fantasy and you can download the app to your phone. Your chances of winning with Fantasy Draft are about eighty percent better than other platforms.

The Significant Contribution of Oncotarget in the Science Arena

Over the years, the popularity of oncotarget has been on an upward trajectory. It is important to note that the journal publishes on a weekly basis. The access to the journal is open to all who are interested. After its establishment, the journal has been publishing various works based on oncology. The journal has been playing a very significant role in the furtherance of science and research. There are various reasons why the popularity of the journal has been rising. First and foremost, the journal has been in the forefront providing insightful peer review.The journal has also been consistent in publishing constructive and punctual peer review and hence making it a leader in cancer field. It is important to note that the journal was founded in the year 2015. Ever since it was founded, oncotarget has been accepting papers on diverse topics.

For instance, the journal has been open to accepting papers dealing with neurosciences. The journal is also known for accepting papers which are based on metabolism and cardiology. The main aim of oncotarget is to disseminate scientific results as fast as possible.The journal has also succeeded in giving certain works a lot of prominence. When a certain research has been given huge prominence, it becomes easier for it to attract financing. The journal has also succeeded in enhancing the impact that research has by providing a good platform for an insightful review.

Through the journal, it has now become possible for researchers to share their discoveries within a short period of time. In the past, there have been major borders between the various specialties.However, oncotarget has played a major role in ensuring that such borders do not exist anymore. The continued collaboration in the scientific field has made it possible for faster discoveries to be made. The leadership of the journal has played a very significant role with regards to helping the promotion of science. For instance, all scientists have an opportunity to publish their work for all to see. The ultimate goal of the journal is to have a world that is not affected by major illnesses.

Jose AuriemoNeto- Executive leader in real estate investment

Jose AuriemoNeto is an executive leader and an entrepreneur in Brazil. He is the Chief Executive officer of JHSF Participacoes SA. This is a company that is involved in real estate investment. Jose Auriemo joined the company in 1993. He is the one who introduced the group’s services department. His entry into the company saw the company venture into retail trading through a partnership with numerous multinationals. He has signed partnership agreements with big brands such as Jimmy Choo, Pucci and Hermes who have opened their stores in Brazil. Jose Auriemo is a graduate of Fundacao Armando AlvaresPenteado (FAAP) University.

JHSF has invested heavily in the building of shopping centers, hotels, and restaurants as well as airports. Its latest investment is the purchase of 13 Fasano restaurants. JHSF is a leader in high-end real estate business. In Brazil, its operations mainly deal with acquisition and management of property especially shopping centers. JHSF was established in 1972 and has been a big player in the business sector, taking advantage of numerous business opportunities that exist in the Brazilian market. The company is known for its emphasis on innovation and quality which are virtues that make it get good reception in the market. To know more about JHSF click here.

JHSF has most of its operations in the cities of Sao Paulo, Salvador, and Manors. The company operates projects under the following banners; hotels and restaurants, malls, executive airports, and incorporations. JHSF always make sure that all its projects are carried out in an effective and innovative way that will see them outdo competitors in the industry. Some of its works have been the construction of Catarina executive airports as well as Catarina Fashion Outlets. Such investments also see the company hit a record high revenue collection every year.

Since joining the company 1993, Jose AuriemoNeto has been the CEO since 2003, which is almost 15 years since then. During this period he has steered the company into a major multinational that competes with who is who in the industry. In 1997 he created the first parking lot management known as Parkbem. Jose Neto is also a board member of JHSF since 2009. He is the brain behind Santa Cruz shopping mall.

A Traveling Vineyard Starts in Your Own Backyard

Providing a decent opportunity to make addition income while working from home or during your off time, Traveling Vineyard allows you to sell wine at your own time. Traveling Vineyard giving thousands of individuals a new way to boost their income by giving them the ability to work from home since 2001. The benefits definitely outweigh the risks if you worry about not making enough sales and so forth. That is because an average American resident drinks approximately 2.9 gallons of wine per year according to the Wine Institute, an advocate group for the wine industry that represents well over 1,000 Californian wineries and business affiliates. Rest assured that finding customers will not be a problem while working alongside the Traveling Vineyard. Consumers will love to order their favorites or try out something new, your services will be very appreciated. Startup costs are pretty minimal and there isn’t any pressure from the company to boosts your sale quota. Basically, you get out of it what you put into it. Once you decide to work for Traveling Vineyard, you will get a starter “success kit” that includes more than enough wine bottles and glasses for your first wine tasting event. The wines are priced at around $15 to $25 per bottle. You will receive commission for every individual sale, as well as general bonuses and referral bonuses.

Traveling Vineyard was founded in 2001 in Ipswich, Massachusetts. The company is currently led by Richard Libby. The company is marketed basically by the 5,000 representatives aptly named, the Wine Guides. The Wine Guides each receive wine tasting glasses, 10 bottles of a variety of wine for their first tastings and education materials that is all about wine. The Guides can also set up their own website page through the company if needed to boosts sales and referrals. The Wine Guides can also arrange free in-house wine tastings events through their social media pages. Traveling Vineyard provides excellent support and adequate training if necessary. Everyone participating with the Traveling Vineyard can enjoy controlling their own hours, schedules, income and work environment.

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Matthew Autterson is an Inspiration in the business world

Matthew Autterson is a businessman based in Denver, Colorado. He is a graduate of Michigan State University and earned a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Finance in 1980 . He also attended the University of Denver Graduate Tax Program. With his education in hand, Autterson began his professional career with First Trust Corporation and in 1982 he moved on to work with a group to focus on chartering a new trust company that became a subsidiary of Integrated Resources, Inc., a financial services company.

In 1986, Autterson took on the role of President of Resources Trust Company and in 1989, Resources Trust and all associated assets owned by Integrated Resources was acquired by Broad, Inc., which eventually morphed into Sun America, Inc. In 1998, Sun America was purchased by AIG for $18 billion.

Currently, Autterson is the President, Board Member and CEO of CNS Bioscience, Inc. The company was founded by Scott Falci, M.D., CNS in 2013 and it is a drug development company at the clinical stage that focuses on neuropathic pain.

His extraordinary management skills have made him a favorite to serve on several organizations. Autterson serves on the Falci Adaptive Biosystems board of directors. He also wears his philanthropic hat and is much involved in the community and is lovingly referred to as the guru with a heart. He has taken on several charitable organizations and initiatives and includes the Webb-Waring Foundation, the Denver Zoo and the Denver Zoological Foundation. He and his wife have raised thousands of dollars for the zoo. In addition he has served as the chairman of the board of directors of Denver Hospice. Other affiliations include the Young Presidents Organization and the World Presidents Organization.

Autterson is also a man that is not afraid to participate in various road races. In 2007, Matthew Autterson, along with his daughter Madison, participated in the Baja 1000 Road Race. The race is a very popular road race that covers a distance of 1,296 miles. His team executed the course in 46 hours and 22 minutes – four hours ahead of the next team.

Autterson strength is his open door management style. He always has time for anyone that wants a few minutes of his time. He is an advocate of team work and always learning new skills. It is important to continually develop new and improved strategies to better serve clients. He is an inspirational leader and that is why his services are always in demand.

Several Lessons that Rocketship Education Learned in its First Decade of Operation

Ranging as far east as Washington DC, all the way to several schools situated throughout California, Rocketship Education is a network of eighteen public charter schools known for its innovativeness in implementing technology in its classrooms. Every successful school, just like each and every one of Rocketship Education’s eighteen locations, relies on several strategies to propel its students ahead of those enrolled at other schools. Here are several reasons explaining why these public charter schools regularly perform better than those at most other schools.

Teachers are require to attend students’ homes at least once annually. Doing so helps tailor individualized educational plans to each student, rather than applying objective pedagogical methods to entire classrooms of young, influenceable students that might stray away from education if their needs aren’t met.

Charter schools, like Rocketship Education, rely on a combination of investor and government financing. Even though parents and community members are already deeply involved through their financial efforts, opinions should be solicited from investors and local citizens alike, even if they aren’t trained or educated in pedagogy. Rather than shooing way these opinions, Rocketship Education values them as deeply as everybody else’s.

Parents are asked for their feedback on a bimonthly basis, seeing as their children provide them with options and viewpoints that aren’t available to educators in classroom settings. They’re also asked to help interview applicants for positions as instructors, applying their unique values and experiences to hiring purveyors of unmatched learning experiences for students.

While most public schools, especially those in low-income areas, aren’t quality institutions, Rocketship Education takes pride in being a leading public school, encouraging students, parents, and family members to be proud about attending public facilities.

Rocketship Education was founded by Preston Smith, a longtime educator who today serves as the organization’s CEO. This network of charter schools is organized as a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization, meaning anything higher than reasonable salaries are donated to the communities each school is located in, or within its own operations, providing students with higher qualities of learning experiences than ever before. Rocketship’s locations consistently earn higher test scores than many local schools, made possible by several pillars the network of educational institutions has learned throughout its first ten years of operation.


The Drug Which Acted as the Complete Game Changer for Seattle Genetics

Seattle Genetics is a company that has been around for a while. It was founded in 1998 by Clay Siegall together with a colleague. Clay states that he founded the company because of his passion and ambition to treat cancer using antibody therapy. For the past two decades, the company has been laying down strategies and coming up with drugs, but they haven’t been successful with their FDA trials. The tides changed for them in 2016 when Adcetris, their flagship drug was approved for the treatment of different types of lymphomas. The company has since moved from an ambitious little business outfit to one of the most profitable Biotechs in Seattle. With an asset base of more than $10 billion, the company is going places.

Clay confides that things haven’t always been easy with Seattle Genetics. He confesses that there was a time that things were so rough that they depended completely on donor funds to pay their staff and that there were times he wasn’t even sure where the funds to make these payments would come from. He states that it is his resilience and ambition during these rough times that have led to his current success. Clay adds that even the most ambitious and determined leaders need an equally dedicated team if they are going to succeed when things are rough.

The fortunes changed for Seattle Genetics when Adcetris was approved for use by the FDA. The drug has since sold more than a million dollars. The drug is now approved for sales in more than 60 countries. Many people expect that after making it with one drug, the clinical trials company will sell out to Pharma giants and leave Seattle, but Clay admits that he has other plans for Seattle Genetics. He confides that they have more than 11 other drugs that they are working on with the hope of getting FDA approval. In short, Seattle Genetics is here to stay, and they are ready to make all the necessary sacrifices to ensure that this happens.

There was a time when they had given the responsibility of international distribution of their drug to Takeda Pharmaceuticals, but the fact that they have taken back that responsibility is further proving that they are prepared to take their research to the next level. The determination, resilience and entrepreneurial spirit of Clay Siegall have brought the company this far, and it will keep getting better.

Anthony Petrello helps Nabors Industries Ltd in Acquiring Tesco Cord

Tesco Corp Nabors Industries Ltd. Deal with Tesco Corp

Nabors Industries Ltd. is a drilling and contractor company that deals with natural gas and geothermal energy. Nabors owns one of the largest international drilling fleet. Its main offices are in Huston. It`s located in Bermuda, Hamilton. It operates in the Middle East, Far East, Africa and the United states.

The firm made a deal to acquire Tesco Corp in a full-stock transaction. The transaction will be completed by the end of 2017. Nabors closed its books on 11th August 2017 and valued each of Tesco`s common share at $4.62. Tesco Cord completed its cash balance on 30th June 2017. Tesco discovered that Nabors` valuation was 19% premium to its shares` closing value, and 30% premium to its enterprise price.

Nabors will use 0.68 of its common shares to exchange outstanding Tesco`s common shares. Tesco shareholders will acquire 10% of Nabors shares if the deal is completed. Tesco Corp will have to compensate Nabors $8 million if it fails to close the deal by 14th February 2018.

Anthony Petrello, the Chairman of Nabors Industries Ltd. acknowledged the importance of the transaction. In his press statement, Petrello approximated the operating synergies in the first year to be $20 million. The full-run synergies will be between $30 million and $35 million. Petrello also admitted that the transaction enabled Nabors to achieve its objective quickly.

Anthony Petrello

Anthony Petrello is the Chairman, President and CEO of Nabors Industries Ltd. He graduated with a Bachelor`s of Science in Mathematics from Yale University. He pursued a master’s degree in the same course at the same university. Petrello graduated from Harvard Law School with a Juris Doctor for more info about us: click here.

Anthony Petrello started working at Baker $ McKenzie, as a legal expert, in 1979. In 1986, he became a Managing Partner of the company`s New York offices. He left the law firm in 1991 and joined Nabors Industries Ltd. He was the Chief Operating Officer at the firm until he was elected as the President of the organization in 1992. He became the Deputy Chairman in 2003. In 2011, Anthony Petrello became the CEO of Nabors. In 2012, Anthony was elected as the Chairman of the Executive Board.

Rick Smith Helps Securus Seal Deals

Since Rick Smith is the CEO of Securus, he has been helping people with the issues that they are having. He has come a long way in his career and has been able to do what he can to help the prisons get the support that they need. For Rick Smith to be able to provide people with these opportunities, he needs to make sure that he is doing everything that he can to succeed in his business. He also tries to make sure that he can help people with the issues that they face. While Rick Smith has been doing all of this, he knows that he will be able to continue his career as the CEO and that Securus will just get better as he continues to grow it and make it a larger communication company. While others may have issues with the way that Securus works, Rick Smith knows that the business will be able to work properly.

One of the first things that Securus did was provide people with the experiences that they needed. Rick Smith knew a lot about communications and helped the company to be the best communications company in the prison industry. He provided people with the phone call services and the experiences that they needed to make things better. He wanted to administer all of the phone calls and the opportunities that people had for communication in the prison to help people have a better understanding of the opportunities they had in prison.Another opportunity that Rick Smith made possible through Securus was kiosks in prison. Whether it was a communication kiosk for the prisoners, one for the administrators in booking or one that they could use to keep track of commissary items, Securus is able to provide it to them.

They have started doing this and they make sure that they can help their prisons have the best experience possible no matter what is going on. Rick Smith is confident that doing this will allow him to continue making all of the right choices for his business and for the things that he can do in his business.For Rick Smith, all of this means that he has to continue helping people with Securus. He wants to ensure that everyone has a chance to experience different opportunities and wants to provide prisons with the help that they need. This is something that has allowed Rick Smith the chance to succeed and to make things better for people. While Rick Smith does what he can for Securus, he has to make sure that he is helping other people with the changes that they need so that the prisons can be the best possible.

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The Contribution of Porfolio Sanchez Galindo to Televisa Group

Today, when a person mentions Televisa, no eyebrow will be lifted, nor jaws dropped because it is a household name. It is one of the leading firms in telecommunications in the Latin-speaking nations, distributing informative and entertaining content all across the United States and Mexico. That is not enough; the company has expended its services to more than 50 countries around the globe through pay-tv companies and television networks.

Milestones Achieved at Televisa Group

Before joining the group, he was the Financial Secretary’s advisor, though he was on the verge to depart for a lucrative position in at the World Bank. It is through the persuasion of the then Executive President of Grupo Televisa that he considered taking up a position in the company.

At such a juncture when Televisa is enjoying a significant market share and an increased demand for their products, the company couldn’t have found a better and opportune moment to be led by Porfolio Sanchez Galindo as the CEO. Ever since his assumption of the position, the company has achieved greatly. Therefore, it would be needless to say that the future holds many prospects for the accomplishment of higher heights.

During his tenure as the senior economic analyst at the firm, he made very transformative decision in the marketing and telecommunications divisions that have raised the profit margins of Televisa. One of the significant contributions he had was the launch of the YOO project. The motive behind this plan was to have a strategic marketing tool. Resultantly, Televisa was able to offer an all-inclusive package of television and internet at a fixed price to four renowned cable firms; Cablevision, Cablemas, Megacable and Cable Monterrey.

His initiative was warmly welcomed by his former employer, Gil Diaz, who termed the project as a leeway toward commercialization. His academic excellence enabled him to achieve success in various areas of his profession, including advertising and promotion, broadcasting, television, and other telecommunications industries.

Education Life

His personal achievements before joining Televisa have not been anything short of impressive. Sanchez Galindo attended Carnegie Mellon University, and during this while, he became involved with the Institute for Software Research. Additionally, he holds a BSc. Degree in Applied Mathematics from ITAM besides the fact that he underwent and a Stamford’s program in Executive Education Program.