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Paul Herdsman And The Importance Of A Positive Attitude

It is very common for people to throw around some form of the phrase positive attitude. One of the common ways of telling people to be positive is by telling them to think positive. The interesting thing is that surprisingly few people know what it means to be positive. They often fall into some kind of trap that actually takes them to a result that is worse instead of better. However, Paul Herdsman understands what it means to be positive. As a matter of fact, he makes it clear as to why it is important for people to be positive in what they are doing.


In the article, “Lessons from Entrepreneur Paul Herdsman”, Herdsman gives six lessons: create culture, invest in the players, reward employees for performing well, understand everyone’s position, find the best people, solve a problem for clients.



One of the reasons that Paul Herdsman is a positive individual is because it makes the workplace pleasant for employees. Employees work better when they are in an environment of encouragement and hope. After all, if people do not have hope or see the purpose in what they are doing, then they are going to be dragging their feet. As a result, productivity will be reduced. However, people with positive attitudes are going to be working with more passion and greater productivity. Therefore, the companies that hold positive attitudes are going to achieve more. See This Page for additional information.


While some people may have a harder time being positive than others, one of the best things they can do is learn from people how they can be positive. Paul Herdsman can offer tips on how to be positive. A lot of the tips are very practical and useful. For instance, one of the best things a person can do in order to be positive is focus on what he can do to solve a problem or a challenge. After all, one of the purposes of business is to solve a challenge for others. If people can’t solve their own challenges, then they are not going to be trusted to solve other challenges. Check out Paul Herdsman’s profile on Linkedin.


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Igor Cornelsen States That Information is Important

Igor Cornelsen was asked what an important factor is for success and he named information as an important factor. As a matter of fact, he would tell his younger self to get tons of information before he makes his decision on whether to invest or not. One very important thing for young investors to do is discern between information and opinion. In a fast-paced information era, this can be confused. Often times, people are given headlines which they use to draw their conclusion. The only thing is that the headlines are often misleading. Therefore, people have to learn how to read and take in the context of what is being said.

When people take things out of context, this often results in them making some bad choices when investing. Igor Cornelsen urges young managers to avoid this mistake. Getting accurate information is very important. For instance, instead of taking in someone’s opinion on what was said in an interview, it is important for people to look at the interview themselves to see what they get out of it. Often times, people are quoted as saying something that they actually did not say. This doesn’t stop them from facing the consequences as if they had said this very thing.

Another important piece of advice that Igor Cornelsen gives is that it is important to look at the whole picture as opposed to little pieces. One of the reasons that the big picture is important is that this can save people from some avoidable pitfalls. When people look at a small tidbit and draw their conclusions, they often find that they have drawn the wrong conclusions and taken the wrong actions.

While investing does seem very simple, there is a lot that goes into investing. For one thing, they have to learn about the assets that they are thinking about investing in. If they blindly make investments, then their results are going to be random. It is a better idea for people to make sure that they are informed about what they are investing in. This will speed up the process of success.