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Securus Technologies Dominates The Industry With Crime Prevention Program

Securus Technologies has always lead the industry as a leading inmate regulation provider, but has initiated a crime prevention program allowing their customers to talk over a secure network and improving the safety of the general public. Their CEO and president, Rick A. Smith, was one of the first to initiate the crime prevention program. Their program was responsible for securing over 2.4 million minutes for their customers and have been reported as one of the largest inmate communication providers in the industry with award winning customer service allowing them to become the recent recipients of the Stevie Gold Award for customer service excellence.


Securus Crime Prevention Initiatives


– Stop illegal inmate money transfers

– Prevent inmate contraband

– Eliminate inmate cellphone use

– Additional facility monitoring

– Stop telecommunications abuse

– Stop inmate gambling

– and more…


That’s right; Securus Technologies is committed to providing their customers a secure line which ensures their safe with the highest standard in government regulation telecommunications services. Smith admits their technological advanced features were the first solution to strategies towards their crime prevention initiative. Their customer feedback platform allows customers to comment directly on their website or speak to one of their friendly IT professionals to file a formal complaint against crime prevention.


Who Is Securus Technologies


They have been a inmate calling network provider for the past 10+ years, but got their start gas an inmate regulation provider. They were responsible for surveillance, monitoring, and safety communications. Their prices remain competitive with their crime prevention program because their is no need for expensive investigations that increase their customers fees. Get affordable rates $4 to $1 over a quality network. You’re invited to visit their exclusive website for more details on their promotional offers, features, and crime prevention services.

David McDonald’s Roles in Retaining OSI Group’s Unending Reputation

David McDonald was brought up in the northeastern part of low. David McDonald went to the University of Iowa State where he earned his animal science bachelor’s degree. Additionally, Mr. McDonald was presented with the Wallace Barron Exclusive senior Prize upon completion of his studies. David McDonald commenced his profession at the OSI Industries where he was later promoted to the company’s COO and President. As a leader in his location, David McDonald developed a passion directed towards the utilization of the available resources to impact his community. David participates in a variety of charitable and social events organized by the residents of Iowa State. Recently, Mr. McDonald engaged in an initiative that supported the Alpha Gamma Rho through the providence of financial support. Also, David played an essential role in the augmentation of a fundraising to supplement the opening of the area’s AGR house.

Due to the diversity of OSI Group, David McDonald is responsible for maintaining as well as improving the company’s sustainability. David thus utilizes many essential strategies to retain the organization’s growth. He has led OSI Group to expansion in many locations throughout the world. At the moment, the corporation possesses over 50 businesses in seventeen nations. The company’s sustainability has overtime been achieved through the association with favorite food brands. Some of the renowned groups served by OSI Group under McDonald’s instructions include the Starbucks, Yum, Burger King and Subway among others. Additionally, OSI Group’s unending reputation is maintained through its operations globally. David McDonald oversees all of the corporation’s activities in China, Europe, and Asia.

Recently, Mr. McDonald announced OSI’s acquisition of Baho Food, a Dutch manufacturer of fast and convenient food, snacks and meat. According to David McDonald, the incorporation of Baho Food into their organization would yield positive outcomes over a short period. Baho Food would grow OSI Group’s popularity throughout Europe. Additionally, the complementing aspect regarding the production of similar products will boost the two companies’ products’ quality. David McDonald was fascinated by the partnership as it would enhance OSI Group’s relevance in the food industry. David McDonald strife for excellence has provided OSI Group with positive comments regarding its operations. During the World’s Olympic Games held n China, David led OSI Group in providing food supplies for the attendees. The company gained its fame in China when the clients provided zero complaints concerning their services. This factor illustrated David McDonald’s leadership skills in top notching OSI Group.

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