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Hussain Sajwani: The Real Estate Mogul

DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani is a real estate powerhouse in Saudi Arabia. He is the founder of DAMAC Group which he started in 1976. Although he is mainly known for real estate, Hussain has also worked in the catering industry. His first business endeavor was actually a catering company which is operational to date. The Sajwani family is a billionaire family and Hussain Sajwani is widely known as the Trump of Dubai.


Humble Beginnings


Hussain started his catering business in 1982 soon after leaving GASCO where he was working as contracts manager. Although many people do not know this, his catering business is still a strong segment of his investment portfolio.




DAMAC Group deals in real estate, construction, architecture and engineering.


However, real estate is the main business for DAMAC Group under the wise leadership of Hussain Sajwani. The group operates one of the biggest real estate portfolios in the Middle East in both the commercial and residential field. Its headquarters are aptly located in Dubai which is undoubtedly the real estate capital of the Arab world.


It was here that Hussain Sajwani started his real estate empire. In 2002 the Dubai government passed a law that saw foreigners own property in Dubai. This was when Hussain saw an opportunity for wealth and struck gold. He built the first residential building in a low key area of Dubai and even before he finished construction all the units had sold and he was well on his way to becoming a billionaire.


Hussain Sajwani and Donald Trump: Billionaire Friends


It is this quality that has given Hussain Sajwani and DAMAC group the opportunity to rub shoulders with the likes of Donald Trump.


In fact, the two are so close that even though they can no longer do business as long as Trump is president, they maintain a close friendship.


Some of the businesses they have done together include two golf courses and luxury villas. All of these have the Trump Brand name on them.


Charitable Billionaire


Hussain is a charitable person who gives both under DAMAC Group and under his own name.


He donated AED 2 million for a Ramadhan campaign in 2013. The campaign was aimed at providing clothes for over a million children all over the world.


Hussain Sajwani is a force to be reckoned with and an inspiration to many business people.


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Samuel Strauch Discusses His Business In An Online Interview

Mr. Strauch formed Metrik Real Estate as a real estate development, sales and investment firm in Florida over a decade ago. He had previously worked in the financial investment industry, but then quit and went to work for his family’s real estate business. After working in the family real estate business, Samuel Strauch saw an opportunity to branch off and launch his own firm which he eventually called Metrik Real Estate.

Samuel Strauch’s firm focuses on investments, developments and projects in the South Florida area where his firm is based. Recently, Metrik Real Estate has begun investing in and looking at projects in other parts of Florida as well as Latin America. Mr. Strauch is an alumnus of Hofstra University and Harvard University. He also studied at Erasmus University in Europe before returning home to the USA.

Samuel Strauch was asked on an interview with what is one failure he has encountered in his life and how did he move past it. Mr. Strauch recalls that he once had an employee who he placed a great deal of trust in. The individual caused a lot of trouble at the company, however. They had a negative effect on clients which then hurt Samuel Strauch’s business significantly through lost revenue and deals.

Mr. Strauch said he addressed the problem by forming a new team at his company. He also said he developed new performance and business policies at firm. The lesson learned from this experience was that a businessman must carefully select who works for him and not keep someone on just because they are a relative or somebody that they otherwise trust in. It also taught him that personal opinions should not play a role in work and belong to a place outside of the work environment. asked Samuel Strauch what is in store for Metrik Real Estate in the future. Samuel Strauch said that his company is always looking ahead and planning ahead. He understands the importance of being on top of the latest developments and trends in housing and lifestyle. Housing and commercial markets can change very rapidly, so his company is always looking for new ways to approach the real estate field.

Samuel Strauch says that he will continue to invest in new and unique hospitality projects and buildings with Metrik Real Estate. He also says that he would like to invest in a project where customers can directly share their experiences.

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Trabuco: The Epitome Of Ancient Wartime Ingenuity

Since the emergence modern civilization, some of the greatest technologies made by man have been in the weaponry. In ancient times, among the most advanced and widely used weapons was the Trabuco. It was a siege weapon used to break down even the strongest forts and walls.

Designed like a huge catapult, the Trabuco could be used to hurl projectiles as heavy as 140 pounds from distances of tens, and even hundreds, of meters away. While it has its origins in China, the Trabuco is largely known for its use by European powers during wars such as the Crusades.

Mechanism of Action

The underlying principle of the way the Trabuco functioned was that it transferred potential energy from the large load used as the counterweight, into kinetic energy that was then used to propel the projectile towards the desired spot. Consequently, the heavier the counterweight used, the further the projectile is hurled. Over time, the Trabuco was considerably improved on to reduce the amount of energy lost through friction and heat. According to earlier versions of the Trabuco, known as the tensile Trabuco, required people to pull down on the lever to generate the required force to drive the projectile. However, later versions of the weapon featured shorter lever arms and heavier loads, thus negating the need for people to pull down on it for it to work.

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Legacy of the Trabuco

History has shown that various versions of the Trabuco were used in numerous wars across the world. It was first applied by the Chinese in the Middle Ages before spreading to the Middle East. Arab merchants further perfected its design, thus making it more accurate and capable of hurling projectiles weighing more than 400 pounds. Through their various conquests in the Middle East, Europeans powers also came across the Trabuco and incorporated a hybrid version of it into their battle strategies on After centuries of use, the application of the Trabuco went down significantly after the discovery of gunpowder.