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Mikhail Blagosklonny Providing Insights That Could One Day Help Cure Cancer

Cancer has unfortunately become one of the top causes of death in the world. Due to the complexity of the many forms of cancers, the study and treatment of tumors, called oncology, has become a growing field. However, oncology demands much study and research of physicians pursuing the field. That is why oncologists like Mikhail Blagosklonny are at the forefront of cancer treatment and study.

Blagosklonny started his medical education in Russia. At the prestigious First Pavlov State Medical University of Saint Petersburg, he earned a M.D degree in Internal Medicine. Thereafter, he studied Experimental Medicine and Cardiology which culminated in a Phd. After his studies, Mikhail Blagosklonny applied his education practically for the first time when he began teaching as an associate professor of medicine at New York Medical College in New York. In 2009, following a senior scientist position at Ordway Research Institute, he re-entered the role of educator as a Professor of Oncology at New York-based Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

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As a professor and researcher of oncology, Blagosklonny has written and edited over 170 articles of research. He has become such an authority on oncology that he has become the editor of several scholarly publications. He is the founding editor and current editor-in-chief of the publication Cell Cycle. He is also an associate editor of the medical periodicals Cancer Biology and Therapy, PLOS ONE, American Journal of Pathology, Autophagy, Cell Death and Differentiation, Cancer Research and International Journal of Cancer. Source:

While currently there is no cure for cancer, the treatment of the various tumors that are known to the medical community are becoming more advanced and effective. One of Mikhail Blagosklonny’s main research targets currently is the development of new anticancer strategies. If one day a cure is found to cancer, Mikhail Blagosklonny may very well be one of the leading contributors to that solution.

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Switching To FreedomPop Can Give A Customer Lower Prices

It may take someone reading a FreedomPop review to change their minds about the current wireless company that they are with. There are so many companies dissatisfying their customers that many make the choice to go to FreedomPop, which is easy enough because their services are low-cost. Low-price services are important to customers these days, so it’s not a surprise that FreedomPop would get a lot of customers who want the free cell phone service. The ever popular service continues to be free of charge for those who want to use it, and there are now tweaks to the service that can extend the services even further.


One great way that a cellular customer can get more data on their free plan is by using Wi-Fi services or by completing offers and surveys from FreedomPop to get data given to them for free. Even adding FreedomPop friends, which has no unlimited, this can give any user more data every month. Since the free service only comes a 500 MB of data, it may be in the best interest of the user to get more data, especially if they want to use as many of the unlimited text messages as possible along with their 200 minutes of talk time.


The Wi-Fi service that has become popular with FreedomPop is only five dollars per month and is now the basis of a cell phone service that FreedomPop provides. Anyone who uses a smartphone that can accommodate Wi-Fi service can make their calls, send text messages, and use the Internet through Wi-Fi, which means they’ll only be paying a five dollar fee every month for the entire service. The Wi-Fi service plan is not for everyone, so those who want to get unlimited talk and text should choose the $10.99 plan from FreedomPop that also comes with 500 MB of data.


Even the unlimited everything plan is available for $19.99 and comes with everything unlimited, including data. Many people enjoy using the unlimited everything plan because even after they’ve used their 1 GB of 4G LTE data, they’ll continue having unlimited 3G data, which means more time surfing the web, unlimited usage of their apps and more. A lot of people are very happy with FreedomPop, so those who don’t know much about FreedomPop’s services should spread the word to allow others the chance to switch to a company with low priced services.

The Business Mogul – David Osio

About REG



Davos Real Estate Group is among the independent companies that form the great Davos Financial Group, which is a global financial group that has led the Latin-American market for more than twenty years in offering the comprehensive financial advice.



Company objectives



The main objective is to formulate an investment strategy that addresses the needs and expectations of the clients, combining the products within a regulatory framework and the experience of a team licensed and specialized for the services offered.



For the last half of the year, the executive director, Gerald has been working collaboratively with the Tecknolution Company on the development and design of this tool, which will allow one to estimate the gains of the investment property, once all the expenses and costs associated with that particular property are taken into account. The application is developed on the newest technology platforms and is available for both the Android and iPhone devices. The original application is the foundation of a series of corresponding applications, which will have the ability to classify properties through the mobile device and send historical real estate reports to the respective agent through an interactive chat.



Advantages of the new application



Among the advantages of the new application is that it has a ‘mortgage Calculator’ to allow the clients the ability to estimate the mortgage based on the projections provided by the Bank, the associated rate of interest and the funding period.



Recently, The Real Estate Group has been refocused while working on the development of the Davos CAP Calculator application. The company has been initiating new partnerships with the real estate agents, giving room for expansion to Europe, Spain being the first stop.



The Leadership



David J. Osio is the chief executive officer and the founder of Davos Financial Group. He has guided the Company’s expansion and growth with his leadership and hands-on business skills. He has facilitated increases in the income levels of the company and also its geographical expansion to the global market through the establishment of affiliate offices in strategic cities like Lisbon, Miami, Panama City and New York.



Osio has put all his efforts into creating a financial services firm that offer customized services that meet the respective demands of the clients. Through his professionalism, he has helped the company in becoming a Financial Boutique, offering services through the licensed independent companies. Osio holds a degree in International Banking Law, from the Catholic University of Andres Bello, Venezuela.


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Eric Lefkofsky Move to Modernize Cancer Treatment at Tempus

Eric Lefkofsky is the founder and CEO of Groupon which is an American global online marketplace, where people connect with merchants providing different goods and services. Eric Lefkofsky is based in Chicago and being philanthropic; he has contributed millions of dollars to assist in cancer researching. He has also planned to invest more targeting to get a cancer cure, and in this case, he started Tempus. Tempus is a heath-tech startup that is building infrastructure that will help cure cancer in a modernized way.

On dropping his role as a CEO at Groupon, Eric Lefkofsky began working on Tempus Health Inc. as the president. COO Rich Williams who was a former CEO replaced him in November 2015.  According to Tempus’ website, doctors, and other medical practitioners are being assisted in making immediate, personalized as well as data-driven decisions when treating patients. They are doing this by examining patient’s genetic codes from molecular therapies provided, and it helps them understand patient’s tumor in a better manner as well.

Tempus is using modernized infrastructure to collect and examine the genomic data of a patient which helps the doctors to give personalized medicines to patients. The data that Tempus is collecting about a patient is what the physicians use to come up with an effective personalized plan to treat each patient. So far they are helping patients suffering from lung, breast as well as pancreatic cancer and expects to be able to cater for more types of cancer in time.

Eric Lefkofsky ( together with his wife has been contributing towards research on cancer cause through the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. Through the foundation, they donated $1 million towards Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University, $500,000 towards research on gastric cancer at Stanford University, $1.2 million for a cancer research in the University of Michigan and $250,000 towards research on a medicine regarding breast cancer.

Apart from giving donations, Lefkofsky is a trustee at Lurie Children’s Hospital based in Chicago. He also joined The Giving Pledge in 2013 and promised to give half of their wealth towards philanthropic activities. In his blog post relating to Tempus (though he didn’t mention it), he said that having big data and artificial intelligence is good motive to take the society to the next level. He added that the best infrastructure is certainly in the healthcare and large databases of molecular data are available to ease the treatment plan. He talked and described the trend of applications that are scientifically applied in the health sector.

Lefkofsky is a renowned entrepreneur in Chicago and has founded several other companies including Echo Global Logistics, Mediaocean as well as InnerWorkings. Visit his page on Facebook.